You spoke. We listened.

The relocation survey results have been coming in by the hundreds since we asked our followers to weigh in on our potential move to downtown Wilmington. Take a look at how the community feels about the future location of Tidal Creek.

We asked if your feelings about Tidal Creek Co-Op moving downtown were positive, mixed, or negative. A majority of the responses were positive:


Out of all of the "Mixed" results,  the majority of you said you will still renew your ownership or purchase an ownership for the first time:


Out of those of you in favor of the Co-Op moving downtown, 30% say it will encourage you to become owners for the first time.


Thank you to everyone who has provided their input and shared their opinion! It's a wonderful thing to be a part of such a passionate and involved community. If you haven't taken the survey yet (on the right side of this page), we still want to hear from you. Also, please feel free to join our Facebook group for more involvement and discussion. 

Relocation Survey