Frequently Asked Questions About Tidal Creek

Why should I be an Owner? What's the point? Benefits?
There are many reasons to become an Owner at the Co-op! To name a few:

How much does an Ownership cost?

One Ownership can be used for your entire household and costs $30 per year to purchase an equity share in the Co-op. Your Ownership can be used by family, roommates, your dog, whoever you dwell with! 

How much will I save each time I shop?

It depends on how much you purchase! For example: A typical family spends $400 on groceries every two weeks. When you take advantage of our 10% Monthly Owner discount, you can save $40. Coupling this with the Owner Rewards gives you a total of $45 dollars in savings. 
Keep in mind that this simple calculation does not include the money you save on organic, local produce when compared to the purchase price of other stores. Because much of our produce comes directly from local farmers, Tidal Creek can offer competitive prices on the most quality produce in town.

Is it a lifetime Ownership or yearly?

Your Co-op Ownership is yearly and can easily be renewed each year. 

What's this whole Board of Directors thing about?

As an Owner of the Co-op, you can impact the future of Tidal Creek by voting on who to elect to lead the Co-op. Casting a vote allows an individual to express a choice among candidates who wish to become leaders of the Co-op. Click here for more information about this year's election. 

Are the Co-op sale prices just for Owners? 

The Co-op Deals sale prices are for EVERYONE!

Is everything organic?

No, we carry MANY organic items, but not every single item in the store is certified organic. We value local producers and local business (like us!) and support them whenever possible. Many smaller local farms have not completed the long and expensive organic certification process, though they are actually using organic practices. We have a list of standards for products that we will carry, in order to offer the highest quality foods and products for our shoppers. You can read our Buying Standards by clicking here.

Do you have a gluten-free section?

The short answer: No. Why? Because we have so many gluten-free items, they wouldn’t fit in one small section. Instead, we have them on the shelves throughout the entire store, where you would find any other similar item. Items from the Co-op Kitchen & Bakery are clearly labeled GF on the package. We try to distinguish GF items with an orange “Gluten Free” shelf tag. The tags are mainly placed on packaged gluten-free items. Whole foods (such as produce, dairy, bulk goods, etc.) that don’t naturally contain gluten, do not always have GF tags. Shopping Gluten-Free can be overwhelming! If you ever have questions, please ask any Tidal Creek Employee for help.

I came to Tidal Creek for a particular item, but you don't carry it and neither does anyone else in Wilmington. What now?

We can special order it for you! If you have an Ownership, you can also save 10% on your special order purchases. 

Can I drink beer while I shop?

Yes! You can drink anything you like while you shop at Tidal Creek. We even have free samples on occasion!

We aim to be your favorite health food store in Wilmington. If there are any other questions you would like answered, any food or drink item you think we should carry, or a charity you think we should support, please let us know! Click here to contact our team!