It's your Co-op  own it!

Since 1982, we have been connecting the Wilmington community to local growers, suppliers, farmers and those who produce with health, sustainability, ethics and community in mind. We believe that having open access to the providers of real food and goods makes a real difference in our lives, our neighborhoods and our planet.

As a Food Co-op, being an Owner of Tidal Creek means you own a piece of everything we do. You own a grocery store.

  • You own an all-natural Café
  • You own a hub for organic farmers and local CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • You support local products & farmers
  • You have an impact on the local economy
  • You have a voice in the direction of the Co-op
  • You support local community efforts
  • You are part of a larger, vibrant cooperative community

As an Owner, you have a stake in making your store and our community great. Becoming an Owner of your neighborhood grocery store is easy and rewarding. Join the Co-op today!